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The 10 Best Romantic Gifts of the Year - Sept. 20th, 2006The 10 Best Romantic Gifts of the Year - Sept. 20th, 2006

A gift from a lover is like no other. While friends, parents, and siblings can give each other nice things, gifts from a lover are always best. RomanticGifts.com helps lovers choose a gift that is sexy, private and passionate. Here are our ten top picks for 2006.
10. The Deluxe Romantic Spa Kit: Everything you need to invite your lover to spend the evening in and out of the tub including: bubble bath, a natural sponge, a coconut shell for ritualistic pouring, massage items and candles.
9. The Fantasy and Romance Game: A nicely balanced board game for lovers that will improve communication and encourage daring fun.
8. The Hot Massage Kit: Included in this kit is a warming heart you can use to give your lover a massage like not other. When you are done with it, the kit tells you how to reuse the warming heart. Your turn is next!
7. The Virtual Bunny: RomanticGifts.com is not ashamed that we sell sex toys. Many adult toys are designed for couples. The Virtual Bunny is the best of these. It is a stretchy, vibrating ring that is worn by the man and enjoyed by both partners. While other stores shy away from more physical gifts, we understand that they are best shared with the one person you love the most.
6. Ultimate Sexual Massage on DVD: This is a lover's massage video that begins where others leave off. It will teach you to find new erogenous zones and to explore your lover's body in new, pleasurable ways.
5. Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game: You can consider this to be a card game for lovers or you can consider it to be a lively kit of adult toys. It comes complete with massage lotions, a blindfold, and a mini massager. No matter how you classify it, Exploring Ultimate Fantasies makes a great romantic gift.
4. The Romantic Massage Kit: This kit includes massage oil, candles, and a back massager. It makes a great romantic gift.
3. Lily: Lily is a premium vibrator that is imported from Sweden. Lily blends fashion, femininity, engineering and design. In our opinion, Lily is the world's most sensual sensual massager.
2. 1001 Nights: Find your own personal oasis with this gift tin of romantic items. It includes a candle, feather tickler, massage oils and a wooden back massager all packaged to conjure thoughts of Arabian nights.
… Our favorite romantic gift of 2006 is:
1. The Deluxe Bed of Roses Gift Set: Leave the included invitation for your lover. They will enjoy the anticipation. Begin your evening with a bubble bath. Then follow a trail to your bedroom where your bed is covered with a carpet of rose-scented petals. Continue the evening with a chocolate scented massage under candlelight.

About RomanticGifts.com
Since 1995 RomanticGifts.com has catered to the needs of lovers worldwide. In 2006 RomanticGifts.com found new owners and a new outlook. The gifts became more passionate and the privacy policy became much more private.

Tom Nardone the President of RomanticGifts.com is available for questions, comments or conversations at 1-800-809-0610. He is a fun, experienced interviewee who can provide print-quality photographs, sample products and maybe even a funny story or two.

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