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Bachelorette.com - Sales Up 25% In April - May 4, 2009Bachelorette.com - Sales Up 25% In April - May 4, 2009
Bachelorette.com, the world's largest bachelorette party store, posted a 25% sales increase from April 2008 to April 2009. It seems the best Bachelorette parties are kicking off earlier in the year, and Bachelorette.com's huge selection and free bachelorette party planning tools and downloads have made the store immensely popular with bachelorette party planners.

Bachelorette.com has experienced a 3% increase in order size as well. However, most of Bachelorette.com's new business is coming from new customers, who are buying bachelorette party products and downloading free invitations and games in record numbers.

Bachelorette.com's sales have been growing steadily over the past few years, but such a large increase in sales in the month of April is unprecedented. The sluggish economy is having no adverse effect on Bachelorette.com's party business.

Bachelorette.com is the world's largest bachelorette party superstore. Bachelorette.com offers a fun and private environment where bachelorette party planners can shop for bachelorette party games, attire, decorations, and more for their last girls' night out. Bachelorette.com features free game downloads, drink recipes and party ideas, all of which have contributed to Bachelorette.com's growing popularity.

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