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Internet Retail Runs In The Family - March 1, 2003

Internet Retail appears to run in the family. Not only does Tom Nardone run an interesting Internet business, but so does his Mom! That's right, Carol Nardone, who for years owned a gift shop in the quaint new england seaside town of Manchester by the Sea now sells model ships on the Internet.

Carol is quite the expert at model ships and boats. Her store sells some really nice, large ship models. They are perfect for your mantel, office or at your cottage. Her business is located in Gloucester Massachusetts (that's pronounced Gloster and rhymes with imposter). Gloucester is the largest fishing seaport in the United States and is home to quite a large fishing fleet. It is the perfect location for a model ship store. In that area, you have to know your boats and Carol Nardone does.

One personal favorite is the model lobster boat. It isn't that we like lobster boats per se, we just like lobster. If we had a lobster boat, we would install a butter churn on it. With lobster and butter, we could live forever.

Anyway, If you want to visit Carol Nardone's website it is: WindwardGifts.com. If you are looking for a great gift for the boat lover, her website would be a great place to look. You might want to pay attention to the sizes, some of those boats are over 3 feet tall. They are pretty spectacular.

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