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Late Package PolicyLate Package Policy

We are committed to delivering your package on time. This page details our policies on dealing with late parcels. If your package has not arrived in the time described here please read on so that we can explain our next step.

Express Mail or UPS Blue Customers:

Both Express Mail and UPS Blue services are trackable. If your package is late call or E-mail us and we will track it right away. (Our contact information is available on the Info / About Us page).

Our Policy for Express Mail and UPS Blue Services: Your package will arrive in the time promised on our web site. While this is not always "overnight" depending our where you live and what time you place your order, we do guarantee these services will arrive on time to the address you provided. If they do not, let us know and we will follow-up with the delivery service and provide a refund if you are eligible.

Ground and Priority Mail:

Ground and Priority Mail packages are not trackable through our shipping process. Once they are shipped from our warehouse they are handled by the US Postal service (the only exception being very heavy packages that are sent using UPS). While we cannot track your package at every stage of delivery we are committed to making sure it arrives to you.

Our Policy for Ground and Priority Mail: If your package has not arrived to the address we were provided within 14 days we will ship a replacement parcel free of charge. E-mail us to let us know the package is late and provide us with your complete mailing address. Many packages arrive back to us each week because they are missing the apartment number, company name, suite #, etc. As soon as you provide a complete shipping address, we will send a replacement package to you. When both packages arrive to you just mark the second one "return to sender" before you open it and the post office will take it back to us.

International Shipments:

Your International package has embarked on a long journey. After leaving our warehouse it travels 1,000 Km via DHL to a sorting center in New Jersey. From their it enters the International Post. It is carried from New Jersey, USA to your country using Deutsche Post. Once it arrives in your country it is subject to customs inspection and (if necessary) import tax assessment. It is then delivered by your local postal service. Some countries deliver these International shipments in 10 days (urban areas of the UK and Japan) while some take much longer (South America, South Africa, and even Mexico) average 30 days with many packages taking longer.

Our Policy for International Shipments: If your package has not arrived with 60 days and the products you ordered can be imported to your country we will send a replacement free of charge. Please send us an E-mail to let us know that your package has not arrived after 60 days. Please include your complete shipping address so that we can make sure that the second package arrives safely.

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