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Serving The Latest Pre-Nuptial Trend - Feb. 13th, 2002
Livonia, MI – February 13, 2002: Bachelorette parties honor the commitment the bride is making while celebrating her last night of “freedom”. BacheloretteParties.com can show you how to make sure the bachelorette parties you plan and attend are unforgettable.

Every year, more and more brides and bridesmaids are throwing bachelorette parties. One manufacturer of bachelorette novelties says that sales of their most popular items have increased 400% in the last 3 years. The selection of products is improving as well. Two years ago approximately 40 products were available. Now there are over 100 items on the market for bachelorette parties.

One reason bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly common is the Internet. The Internet serves party planners in ways traditional retailers cannot. Customers can shop in the privacy of their home or office on the web. Internet retailers are open all the time with a shopping atmosphere that is much better than adult or novelty stores. Internet shopping and bachelorette parties make a happy marriage. BacheloretteParties.com is an Internet store that caters specifically to bachelorette parties.

BacheloretteParties.com launched as a market leader. The site has the best selection of bachelorette party gifts and novelties available anywhere. Over 100 items are offered in categories such as decorations, snacks, utensils, gifts, games, and kits. BacheloretteParties.com educates customers in ways traditional retailers cannot. The site offers over 25 different game and party ideas. Even people who have never attended a bachelorette party before will be able to plan a fun-filled event.

BacheloretteParties.com can meet the needs of any schedule or budget. The site has three different shipping methods from economical to express. The staff of BacheloretteParties.com has over 12 years of experience selling, and shipping products for bachelorette parties.

BacheloretteParties.com is the Internet’s biggest and best website for bachelorette parties. Tom Nardone of BacheloretteParties.com is available for questions, comments or conversations at 1-800-809-0610.

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