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Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts - January 12, 2000
Livonia, MI – January 12, 2000: While Valentine’s Day may not be a major holiday it can have a major impact on your relationship.   Every year, as a service to our customers, Shopinprivate.com releases a list of the most inappropriate Valentine’s gifts.  Because Shopinprivate.com offers a number of unique and embarrassing items, each year the list becomes more and more outrageous.

Put Out The Fire – Inappropriate Valentine’s Day Gifts

For Men

For Women

j Creams for Premature Ejaculation

j Diet Products (slim fast, etc.)

k Smaller Size Condoms

k Breast Firming Cream

l Nose Hair Clippers

l Electric Bikini Line Trimmer

m Virility Tablets

m Wrinkle Removing Patches

n Breath Products

n Feminine Hygiene Items

Fan the Flames - Great Gift Ideas

Shopinprivate has simple advice for choosing the perfect Valentines Day gift.

For Women: Women usually like emotional gifts that make them feel loved.  If you can imagine a gift as being gentle there is a good chance a woman will like it.  Sensual gift assortments (like Earthly Delights), Honey Dust powder, lingerie, bath salts, and romantic candles are our most popular choices for women.

For Men: Men like gifts that are more visual or physical.   Gifts directly related to pleasure are best for men.  Back massagers, massage oils, and foot massage lotion are top sellers at Valentine’s Day.  Men also enjoy games for lovers and sensual books such as the Kama Sutra.

Shopinprivate.com allows you to buy these items and other personal products in a private, discreet, and secure shopping environment.  The site has served over 30,000 customers in award winning fashion.  Our privacy policy is unparalleled. 

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